Interim HR Maternity Cover

Maternity cover is a critical and essential part of personal and professional business life. In fact, as a family business itself, Sunsoa & Co was founded to give the directors the flexibility to support their young family at the time.

We understand the apprehension and worry maternity planning can cause from both the family and employer prospective and our approach is to partner with clients and those going on maternity leave to plan the cover and define the interim requirements.

Our HR maternity cover service provides clients with an experienced HR interim that is supervised and led by our managing partner on a case by case basis in line with client budgets.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Costs and value
    As an example, an HR manager on £60K is actually costing the business a lot more. Once you have added in bonuses, holiday pay, NI contributions, pension, health and company car benefits and the management time involved, the real cost is likely to be nearer to double the salary figure! These costs do not apply to our HR interims as we only charge for the days worked. Our HR interims can be engaged on assignments to work part-time or on a project basis - usually for between three and twelve months. This can be invaluable when it comes to helping manage costs.
  • Availability
    Our HR interims are available immediately. Typically, it could take a minimum of four months to hire an employee as they may have to serve their current notice period.
  • A partner-led service
    The managing partner oversees all the HR interim delivery. We don’t just simply place an HR interim on an assignment; we provide them with an extensive range of backup support and resources. Typically, employment agencies will just place candidates on assignment as they don’t usually have practical HR operations expertise or the requisite tools.

We’re flexible and client-led so you decide exactly how best to utilise our expertise.